March Meetup Agenda & Notes

      March 8, 2018 Agenda

      Meeting Called to Order:


      Treasurer’s Report

      Savings: $8,184.07

      Checking: $9,865.95

      Old Business:

      Directory – Renee -

      Created online form and edits needed - Renee to do edits.

      Registration: May 29 & 31st 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm

       Have IPad for people to fill in

      Mixed Bags Fundraiser – Renee/Michelle

      2018 Total Sales: Total Sales: $5785.85 Total PROFIT:  $2670.43

      Michelle with bubbler options and what to order - Earned Enough for 2 fountains!!!

      Installed in Multipurpose Room, Installed By Recess Door

      Ms. Vogt to  Check in to  Water  Testing Drinking Water

      Option to replace Hand washing station by main bathrooms - may have enough                  $ for Mixed Bags Fundraiser, Possibly next Year

      Box Top – Ongoing Event updates – Joane

      $234.70 Check- Last Submital

      $660 Total for the Year - Goal was. $700 to date

      One more Submittal for the year!! 

      Carnival – Joane -

      Any Updates? Budget $1600

      No PTO insurance needed - Covered under School Insurance

      Inflatables must be in Gym

      Bingo in Classroom or Library

      Obstacle in Multi-Purpose Room

      Need a generator for each Inflatable - Ask parents to Borrow

      Turn Off TV Week:  “Paws for  Books” March 19th - 22th  5:30 – 7pm – Kelli/Joane

      19th – Book Fair/Bingo in Multi Media Room/Ice Cream Social

      40+ Prices, $2 off certificates for Book Fair

      20th - Book Fair/Lego City

      21st – Book Fair / Talent Show/Concessions by 8th Graders & Mr. T

      22nd – Book Fair / Arts & Crafts by PTO

      Plant your Own Flowers or Herbs

      Picture Frames w/ Popsicle Sticks

      Decorate A Dog or Paw with Tissue Paper

      Sign Up Genius - Half full, Kelli will send out again

      If You participate in  Turn Off  the TV week, Fill out Form & Turn In - Prizes!

      Website – Valarie V.

      Update – Looks absolutely amazing!!! Check it out…

      Jesse to send Monthly Meet up Minutes to Val to post to  Website

      Compile list of Donors to post

      New Business:

      2018-2019 Officer Nominations – Renee - TBD

      Honor Roll Recognition April 11th – Kim McDonald

      Renee to email and check in with Kim!

      Open to Floor Discussion:

      All go to water park - $11/person - Option for Fun Day!

      Need Check for LEGO King & Queen - Day of...3/20

      Wheel Chair Basketball

      Science Alliance

      Jill to ask teachers about other options for in-house field trip

      Movie License - Purchase approx. $400/year - Wonder Movie, Etc. - Sell Concessions

      Face Book Event - Ms. Vogt to do for the year!

      Next Meeting: Thursday, April, 8th, 2018 5:30pm

      Meeting Adjourned @ 6:24 pm

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