April Meetup Agenda & Notes

Washington PTO Monthly Meeting

April 12, 2018


Meeting Called to Order @ 5:30 pm by President Renee Smikowski:

v  Reports:

§  Treasurer’s Report

·       Checking: $7,479.74

·       Savings: $8,184.42

v  Old Business:

§  Water Stations Update – Michelle

·       Installed during Spring Break

·       Waiting on final invoice/check for Floyds Plumbing

§  Next Year Funds - Fundraiser – Renee/Michelle

·       Possible water bottles for all students- with a sharpie area for names

·       Spirit Wear order – May registration for delivery at Meet and Greet

·       Water Bottles – how much to order 250 bottles?

§  Carnival – Joanne

·       Rented the bouncy houses- 1 bouncy house, foot dart game (outside), Jousting match – 30 seconds each, Connect Shot (basketball), tug of war, volleyball/basketball, craft – (possible idea- Gardening in the raised beds – Ms. Unrath – 6 additional parent volunteers – need list from her for what kids will need on their end (Hometerior Finishing to donate $1 gloves) snack stand (popcorn, country time lemonade)

§  Turn Off TV Week: Wrap Up – Kelli V.

·       Book Fair- Went well – Typically $3000 and we were $3200 ish- buying stuff from the catalog

·       Bingo Night, Lego, Talent Show, Craft night

·       Prizes for Turn off the TV Week  - 43 frozen treats – 27 ultimate prizes

§  2018-2019 Officer Nomination – Renee

·       Open position – Vice President


v  New Business:

Ø  Kelly Unrath –  Mad science Milwaukee - $422 check sent out– May 21st afternoon 1 pm

Ø  School Movie License -  2 options – MPLC (1 set of movie companies) $147– SWANK – Disney, $461 per year – Used for PBIS All school incentive – Motion asked for permission of PTO to pay for license, can sell concessions, Please add to budget ASAP

Ø  New Vendors for Spirit Wear – Geiger Inc. – Freestyle

Ø  Spring Cleaning- school rummage sale in the gym (Community Rummage) Bring your own stuff – anything left at rummage to be donated (take back what you don’t sell or donate to _______) Athletics to sell concessions   May 12th, 2018  time: 9 am to 3 pm – set up begins at 8 am – Man your own table

v  Open to Floor Discussion:

v  Next Meeting: Thursday, May 10th, 2018 5:30pm

Ø  Send out note for Final Meeting – thank you to Parents drawing for prizes

v  Meeting Adjourned – 6:38 pm